How does one value a life's work?

At Faqtum, we are very thorough when valuing a company. What we say must stand up in the real world. You are not well-served by an advisor who either does not know or does not dare to tell you the value of your business. It is not difficult to put up a business for sale - the art is in getting it sold.

We have a structured approach to valuations, and we use documented financial models and market data to reach a realistic value. In addition, we always consider the bespoke nature of your life´s work.

Read below about the principles of business valuations. Since 2008, we have valued more than 1,000 Danish businesses.

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Understanding your business also means understanding the value of the company's assets. From bricks and machinery to brand, intellectual rights, customers, employees, and market position.


The buyer focuses on future value creation, analyzing finances and accounts to outline the future. We develop a business plan and conduct in-depth analyses of the company's future earnings, and assess the likelihood of realization based on market position, external conditions, and risks.


The world's best company with the greatest potential is not worth much, if no one wants to buy it. Our expertise ensures that the valuation also holds up in the real world.

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Your first meeting with Faqtum M&A is probably a bit different from what you expect. We listen more than we talk, it's rare you'll catch us wearing a tie, and we don't charge to learn about your business.

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