Sell a company

Do you want your business to be sold or just put up for sale?

If your business is to be put up for sale, you can make an appointment with any advisor. If your business is to be sold, you should contact a professional and experienced advisor.

Completing the sale of a small or medium-sized business is something few experience more than once in their life. Therefore, it's crucial to team-up with experienced advisors in the process. Faqtum M&A is an experienced advisor, but it's not necessarily us who should sell your business.

We have extensive experience in valuing businesses and advising on all aspects of a business transaction. Therefore, we also have a very good picture of whether your business can be sold and at what price. We are more than willing to prepare a valuation, assess the salability, and point out the most obvious optimization measures. But only after a thorough alignment of expectations will we know if we are the right firm to sell your business. It also happens that we advise you not to sell.

Call us at +45 82 82 07 00 – the process starts with a cup of coffee and a confidential and informal chat.

Faqtum M&A's sales process


Valuation phase: We always start with your wishes and preferences and conduct a thorough assessment of your business at the first meetings. Based on our understanding of your business and our analyses, we develop a view on the market potential for your business. This includes valuation methods, an estimated market value, and an expected timeline for the sales process.


Company information memorandum: We prepare a detailed company presentation, which will be the material distributed to relevant buyers. This document includes analyses of the company, market, industry, value chain, historic financials, future outlook (forecasts), and a risk assessment.


Identification of potential buyers: We compile a list of potential buyers complete with contact information and relevance. Depending on your preferences, the list of buyers includes industrial buyers, financial buyers, family offices, and investment companies. We review this list with you to ensure alignment with your priorities.


Optimization and preparation for sale: Prior to the due diligence process, we suggest relevant optimization measures and the establishment of a virtual data room for relevant buyers. This data room is used to collect necessary company documents, crucial for the buyer's analysis of the business.


Sales process and due diligence: The entire process is managed and conducted by a dedicated team from Faqtum M&A. Interested buyers are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and after receiving indicative offers, selected buyers are offered meetings with the Management. After confirmed interest, one or more buyers will be granted access to a due diligence process, subject to a non-solicitation clause. You will receive regular updates and status meetings throughout the process.

Do you want to know more?

Your first meeting with Faqtum M&A is probably a bit different from what you expect. We listen more than we talk, it's rare you'll catch us wearing a tie, and we don't charge to learn about your business.

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