Seminars on valuation, acquiring, selling and the M&A process

Seminars - acquiring and selling a company

Faqtum M&A regularly hosts seminars with selected business partners, among others, law firms, auditing firms and banks. All partners advise - just like Faqtum M&A - clients in the SME segment.

The seminars are aimed at business owners in the SME segment who are considering selling or acquiring a company.

Participating in our seminars offers valuable insight into the M&A market, the complexity of M&A processes and valuations. All aspects will be addressed from the perspectives of a seller and a buyer and in most instances a case study will be presented.

This will provide you with a better insight into and understanding of how both sides typically view a transaction and act in the process.


Upcoming seminars

Tuesday, 28/05 at 17:00, in collaboration with Jyske Bank Copenhagen & Schjødt

Friday, 07/06 at 09:00, in collaboration with DAHL, EIFO & Erhvervshus Hovedstaden

Thursday, 03/10 at 16:00, in collaboration with Jyske Bank Copenhagen

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